Photo Gallery

Here is a collection of customer vehicles that have been fitted with MCJ Products;

If you have any pictures of your VW fitted with our products and would like them featured in our gallery please email us at

Light Oak Hole with Custom Texas Long Horn engraved horn button for a split screen camper, also features Cab Door Handles, Dash Grab, Dash Knobs and Gear Knob

Rosewood Hole with Wolfsburg engraved horn button on an Early Bay finished off with MCJ Door Pulls and Window Winders

Door Pulls and Window Winders Look awesome together


Light Oak Double Slot with Wolfsburg Horn Push on an Early Bay Boss Kit


Bay Window with Natural Hole Wheel, Door Pulls, Window Winders, Polished Heater Levers and Polished Handbrake Pull 

Natural Double Slotted Wheel with Polished Handbrake Pull . 



Dark Oak Slot with Custom Engraved Horn Button 


Double Slotted Rosewood Wheel with Wolfsburg Engraved Horn Button

Split Screen Door Pulls and Late Cab Door Openers
Split Screen Gear Knob


 Late Bay with Wolfsburg engraved horn button 


MCJ Blue Bay Window at Volksworld 2012

Split Bus Dash Grab and Door Pulls


Dark Oak Slotted Wheel with Wolfsberg Horn Button

Custom engraved Bazinga Horn Button for a Brazillian Bay



Custom engraved Scooby Doo Horn Button for Brazillian Bay



Bay Window with Black slotted Wheel and Door Pulls


Split Bus with Light Oak Slotted Wheel, Dash Grab, Door Pulls and Cab Door Openers


Dark Oak Slotted Wheel on a Split Bus


MCJ Products stand at Volksworld March 2012

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