1941 Ford Deluxe Coupe

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1941 Ford Deluxe Coupe Project


California Import from central California

Original Black Paint
Real logos from Fresno Spring Co (central California)
Bullet Holes
Great sunburn patina
Has some rust in the sills, some in the boot floor, rear valance.
Has some damage to the front of the roof, mostly the N/S where it looks to have been smashed or something fell on it and has since rusted.
The front door hinges have broken from the door so need repair.
No engine or gearbox
I have collected some original parts as seen in the picture.   Front indicators/parking lights, headlamp rings, front screen surrounds and centre bar, boot lid handle with key, ignition barrel with key, steering column, overriders, rear light.
All the flat glass is missing but i do have 2 pieces of the curved oval rear window that go with the car.
The car had the front crossmember had been cut out at some point so i found the correct one which i bolted roughly in place so i could get the car rolling.
Great project hot rod or rat rod, with real logos. 
I don't really want to sell this car as where can you find a Ford 2 door coupe with OG patina black paint, bullet holes and logos..... 

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